Kids and glasses are a mix of delight, dread, excitement, and fear. Your Optometrist would not have prescribed glasses unless they were needed, and glasses do not work unless you wear them. They can not help your child if left in their case at home, in the desk or locker at school, or the numerous other places the glasses may find themselves. With preparation and patience, you can help your child adjust to wearing glasses with minimal fuss.

12 Tips To Help Kids Wear Their Glasses

1. Let them help pick out their glasses. This gives them a sense of ownership and allows them to express themselves with these medical accessories.

2. Plastic frames are best for kids under two. Elastic straps help keep the glasses in place and kids will fiddle with their glasses less. If you must go with ma metal frame make sure it is durable and has spring hinges. Also check the warranty terms for repairs and replacement.

3. Prepare your child for when their glasses are ready to be picked up. There usually a day to a few days between picking out a pair of eyeglasses frames and when the prescription will be placed into them. Talk with your child and explain what you expect from them and their new glasses and the responsibility they will have.

4. Remembering to put their glasses on should become part of their daily routine in the morning. Making part of the morning routine helps to form the habit. The more your child wears their glasses on a consistent basis, the easier it will become just part of their life.

5. Make a point of praising them when they wear their glasses on their own, without being reminded or told to do so. Acknowledgment of this the first week or so will pay off in your child being more willing to remember their eyewear.

6. What do Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Joe Jonas all have in common? Glasses. These cultural icons just make them cooler and your child can relate. Create a collage and hang it up in their room with all these cultural icons they like. It’s an affirmation that it’s cool to wear glasses.

7. Proper fit is critical to successful glasses wear and adjustment. Make sure that your child’s glasses fit perfectly and that they are comfortable for them to wear. Here at BA Eye Site, our staff is trained to ensure just the right fit for our child.

8. The subject of teasing should also be discussed with your child to prepare them with appropriate responses. Kids can be mean and you can bet one will inevitably poke fun at your child’s glasses frames.

9. Remain optimistic and patient with your child, and help the adjustment phase run as smoothly as possible.

10. Be a good example. If you’re an eyeglasses wearer yourself, seeing you wear your glasses often leads to them imitate the good habit. If you take good care of your glasses, your child will likely do the same.

11. Taking pride in their new fashion statement and status symbol. Studies show eyeglasses help other people perceive you as smarter and more responsible and can even help give an edge in job and college interview processes.

12. Instill ownership and responsibility by keeping their glasses clean and safe.

Cleaning: Use a cleaning solution made to clean eyeglasses and use a microfiber cloth to shine up those lenses. Paper towels and other paper products and even some other fabrics will cause tiny scratches. 

Handling: Both hands should be used to remove their glasses. Have them grip both side arms and pull glasses straight off of their face, rather than using only one hand. This will help prevent theirs from becoming out of adjustment.

Storing: Use the hard protective case for their glasses in their backpack, desk, or other convenient places for use during the day. It’s best to store glasses in a case to avoid any damage when they’re not being worn. 

Maintenance: There is a time you should bring the glasses into the office for cleaning adjustment and tightening the screws.

Your Broken Arrow Optometrist
Dr. Matthew Ozment