Will prescription glasses make me dependent on them and make my eyes worse? This is a myth. Prescription glasses merely correct a focusing problem that already exists.  What can and does happen is you become less tolerant of the blurry vision you have naturally.  After you get a correction, you and your brain realize how much your vision can indeed be improved. And when you remove the correction the world returns to the out of focus world that your natural eyes see.  There is no physical adaptation that occurs to foster dependency on a pair of glasses.

Am I Dependent on Prescription Eyeglasses?

Prescription glasses simply bend light waves before they enter your eye allowing those rays to converge on a tiny spot in the back of your eye called the macula.  The powers of these lenses just move the focal point forward or backward. So with that, how can one become dependent on glasses?  The mere knowledge that one’s vision can be improved may cause intolerance to blurred out of focused vision. Basically, it is the merging of physics and biology (specifically anatomy/physiology) that allows us to correct for myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), presbyopia and some eye turn.

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Why does it seem our eyes have gotten worse in developed nations?  It basically goes back to our visual demands; consider the paperwork, daily computer use and now smartphones. We are focused most of our day within arms reach. I read a recent article discussing getting outdoors more and becoming more active outside can help slow the progression of myopia.  Genetics also plays an important role in vision and how “bad” one’s eyes are.

Dr. Matthew Ozment