Yes, bifocal contact lenses are here and a good option for many patients, but they are not for everyone.  With well over 74 Million baby boomers emerging, the demand for these lenses is growing. But we have to address a few issues:

Bifocal Contact Lenses


  • Manage expectations: We have to be able to focus at various focal lengths for our phones, books, and newspapers as well as computer monitors and our music notes. Then we like to drive and watch the occasional television show or ball game all while having crystal clear vision. Experience and good communications can help us as eye care providers make better recommendations and develop your tolerance for blur. Basically, you have to sacrifice a little at one focal length to get the others.
  • When fitting and wearing bifocal contacts, this must be done binocularly. This way there is no covering one eye to compare against the other. We want the eyes to work together to accomplish the goal.
  • What should I look at to see if it will work? Most of my patients want to be able to see their smartphones, so this is what I use. I have the patient pull out their phones and look at them. Then I have them look either out in the distance outside or at a vision chart.
  • Ever been down the eye drop aisle at the pharmacy? There are so many to choose from it can make your eyes water. Well, there are also several options for contact lenses each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. So the first set you try on may not be the ones you end up with when everything is finalized.
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses I am surprised to find that several of my new patients never have even been offered the option to try multifocal contact lenses. Not allowing your patients to know treatment options is not good practice. Our philosophy is to make the patient a partner in their health and educate them on their options.
  • Astigmatism can complicate a multifocal fit. Like stated earlier these lenses are not for everyone.
  • Options Rigid gas permeable, soft silicone hydrogels and soft conventional and disposables are a few of the options.

Our staff, here at BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow, would love to talk with you about bifocal contacts. We have extensive experience and a wide range of options available to get a fit that works for you.

Dr. Matthew Ozment
Optometrist, Broken Arrow OK
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