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About Eye Drops?

Ever been down the eye drop aisle at the store and been overwhelmed by the large number of drops...

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Seeing Spots?

Here at BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow, many of our patients have experienced spots in their vision....

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Thinking about LASIK, seen the commercials about LASIK where patients are throwing away their...

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Itchy Eyes

Seasonal Allergies are part of the Oklahoma Experience with upwards of 60% experience problems to...

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About Dr. Oz

Probably not the one you are thinking of with his own network TV show, but a little about our own...

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Ocular Allergies

The pollen is flying heavy through the air this season, so much so that on the local news the...

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Macular Holes

A macular hole is a break in the central portion of the retina this region is critical to our...

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