When visiting an eye doctor, it’s fairly easy for an adult to make sure that they are getting correct and comprehensive eye care as they can fully express themselves, allowing the eye doctor full knowledge about any issues. With children, the opposite is often true. Children are often unable to express, or even have full knowledge of any presence of potential problems. This can lead to a number of mistakes that are pretty common for parents to make.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Children’s Eye Care

These mistakes include:

  • Waiting for their children’s initial eye exam. Parents often believe that unless a problem presents itself, an eye exam is not really necessary. We recommend you start proper eye health screening at the age of six months. Subsequent exams should also occur at three and five years of age and then every year after until 18 years old.
  • Relying on the school’s annual vision screening. These screenings often miss a multitude of problems as they test for very few elements of healthy vision. Only an optometrist can see if your child’s eye is developing properly.
  • Believing your child’s assessment of their vision. Really, children have very little idea of what normal vision looks like, especially if they do have a problem. Their opinion can also be skewed by their desire to either have glasses or to avoid them.
  • Allowing your child to go without the protection of sunglasses. Make sure to cover their eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun at all times when outdoors.

At BA Eye Site we strive to always provide your family with the best family eye care in Broken Arrow. Protect your child’s long term vision with regular eye exam appointments at BA EYE Site.

Dr. Matthew Ozment