Selecting an optometrist that you can trust and that you’re comfortable with can be a challenge. First, it is important to know just what type of eye specialist you need, whether it be an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. An ophthalmologist specializes in surgical and medical procedures. An optometrist diagnoses, treats and cares for eye diseases and vision problems.

Optometrists are doctors of optometry and serve as primary care providers in the eye care specialty. Optometrists treat everything for refractive disorders, eye infections and diseases of the eye like glaucoma and macular degeneration.  An optometrist also serves a role in monitoring systemic diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid and hypertensive disorders, and communicate findings or absence of findings to a specialist or a patient’s primary care provider.

How To Choose A Good Optometrist

Now that you know which type of eye doctor you need, selecting one that is right for you depends on various factors.

1. Make sure to check the doctor’s credentials and experience and confirm those credentials through the local state board of optometry.

2. If your vision is particularly complicated you will want to make sure that the optometrist has the experience in dealing with your particular needs.

3. Asking friends or family members can always give you a good place to start your research but further details are still needed to ensure that the relationship with your optometrist in Broken Arrow or Tulsa is a happy one.

4. You want to make sure that the optometrist’s appointment hours are convenient for you as is their location. Their list of services offered should include those that you are in need of also.

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Dr. Matthew Ozment