Even though a lot of people experience eye allergies in the summer months, you can actually experience eye allergies any time of the year dependent on the allergen and your eyes. Dr. Matthew Ozment is one of your leading Broken Arrow eye doctors and he can help determine what is causing your eye irritation as well as help with relief. Millions of Americans cope with eye allergies, but why tolerate eye allergies when you could be doing something about them? Do red, watery, puffy eyes sound like the norm to you? A cold compress might be a quick fix before heading out the door, but in order to get actual relief from your allergies, you need to identify what’s triggering your allergies and then, with help, come up with a plan to treat the symptoms.


Eye Allergies Bothering You? Contact Your Broken Arrow Eye Doctor!


There are several triggers that may be causing your eye allergies. If your allergies mainly occur inside, it may be from pet dander, dust mites, or mold. It may be time for a good housecleaning or mold inspection, but if you have pets, keep them out of your bedroom and always wash your hands after play. If your allergies are more present when you’re outdoors, grass, tree, and weed pollens are your likely offenders. Wear sunglasses to block allergens from getting in your eyes. If the pollen count is significantly high, stay indoors if possible and keep your windows shut tight.

There are several treatments available depending on your allergies and the type of allergens affecting you. Call Dr. Ozment today for more help and stop living with eye irritation.

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