At BA Eye Site, we are a total family eye care center. This includes kid-friendly eye care exams.  Kids go through stages of development and have developmental milestones, well so do their eyes and the visual demands change along with the development of our children. Approximately one-half of American kids have not had a comprehensive examination, and how a child sees at home, in school, and at play, does have lifelong implications. 80% of our learning is done visually during the first 12 years of life.

Kid Friendly Eye Exams

A child’s vision can change more frequently than the average adult, but children may not complain about their vision because to them it is normal. Six months of age to one year, your child should have their first eye exam with an optometrist. The doctor will check for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia (or “lazy eye”), eye movement and alignment, how the eye reacts to light and darkness and potential eye health problems.

Infants are not born with all their visual abilities. If an infant has eye or vision problems there are likely to be developmental delays. As children get older, parents should take their children to the eye doctor even if they don’t complain of problems seeing; just like check-ups with the dentist, annual eye exams should be a part of your child’s wellness routine. One in four children has a vision problem that interferes with learning and behavior. While vision screenings at school, can help detect common problems, they are not meant to catch all types of vision disorders or evaluate eye health.

Signs of a possible vision problem:

  • Cross-eyed
  • Closes one eye while reading
  • Tilts the head when looking at something
  • Rubs eyes when not sleepy
  • Excessive tear production
  • Overly sensitive to light
  • Has white, grayish-white colored matter in the pupil of the eye or an odd “red-eye” photograph
  • Bulging eyes
  • Needs to hold book very close while reading
  • Squinting
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Complaints of achy, tired eyes
  • Complains text is moving on the paper
  • Loss of place while reading a text, or has to reread often

Kids develop many methods to cope with their vision dysfunction.  Part of kid-friendly eye care involves being considerate for the child and allowing them to take part in improving their vision. Too often doctors don’t have the time or patience to handle young kids or even older ones for that matter, but to us at BA Eye Site, vision is too important. We know the lifelong impact good vision and ocular health will make on a persons life. So, consider our clinic to serve your children’s eye care needs.

Dr. Matthew Ozment