Kids are very visual. They use their senses to learn about the world around them; touch, smell, hearing, taste but above all vision is the king. Poor eyesight hinders a child’s education and development. The problem is often if your child is having trouble seeing it is difficult to determine because a child will not know how they see the world is abnormal. This is because if you are used to seeing the world just one way your entire life, you aren’t likely to know that it needs to be fixed. This is why every child should have their eyes checked. BA Eye Site is your source for family vision and eye care in Tulsa and Broken Arrow. We evaluate children of all ages and their parents and grandparents are offered leading eye care by our residency trained and board-certified optometrist.

Kids Vision Eye Care and Broken Arrow

Adequate vision is very important to proper development, and detecting vision problems in a young child requires a trained, experienced and child-friendly optometrist. School vision screenings are not enough to help determine vision issues, eye alignment problems or detect ocular health problems. Plus it is strongly recommended to have your children checked before the age of 1 year old then again at 3 years then every year they are in school. Children grow quickly and their eyes are changing right along with their rapidly developing bodies.

Brain development and cognitive skills take place in young children, as well as their learning habits. To ensure that your child’s vision is not hindering their development, call us today and schedule a time to see visit with our Broken Arrow optometrist. We work hard to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment for the families that visit our practice from having toys for children to play with to having over-sized exam rooms to accommodate families. Contact us today at (918) 893-3769 to schedule your appointment.

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Dr. Matthew Ozment