Thinking about LASIK, seen the commercials about LASIK where patients are throwing away their contacts and glasses?



What makes a good candidate?


Must be over 18 years of age.  
Stable vision for two years, and not pregnant or nursing as your vision may fluctuate. Other factors such as expectations, age, prescription, corneal thickness and curvature, pupil sizes and several other factors play a role in determining if you are a good laser vision correction candidate.

Can you afford the procedure?  
Prices will vary depending on which surgeon and facility you choose. Going with the cheapest option is not the best choice. Laser eye surgery is a delicate procedure, and you want the best, most experienced surgeon with the best equipment and staff available.

The procedure is not covered by medical insurance because it is not considered to be elective.
Some vision plans do offer a small discount on LASIK. You can also pay for LASIK through a Flex Spending Account or finance with a loan from companies like CareCredit.

Astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness can be treated with LASIK.
Presbyopia is harder to treat but can be done in certain patients.

The procedure doesn’t hurt, but sometimes afterward some patients experience temporary scratchy or watery feeling.

When talking about LASIK it always comes down to the flap and how it is created.
The newest procedures is iLASIK which is blade-less the laser makes the flap which has reduced complications dramatically compared to the old microkeratome.

Dr. Ozment, has co-managed countless LASIK patients over his career. If you are considering LASIK, come by BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow and talk with Dr. Ozment.