Dr. Ozment is Board Certified and Residency Trained in Ocular Disease. He attends medical conferences to keep abreast of the new treatments, technology and techniques in the treatment and diagnosis of ocular and systemic conditions. Because we offer emergency eye care, we respond to eye injuries, infections, foreign bodies and red eyes.


Eye pain, redness and crusting is not normal and should be evaluated. Often waiting can mean longer recovery times and a poorer prognosis. With spring on our doorstep we become more active outside in the garden, getting the pool ready and in the garage, remember safety is always number one so wear eye protection. Oklahoma is know for gusts of wind sweeping across the land and at times the wind brings with it debris and chemicals that can be blow into our eyes. We must treat chemicals in the eyes differently by first measuring the pH to rule out an acid or alkali.

We accept most major medical plans , and copays and deductibles will apply to a medical eye visit. Patients often ask us if they should see us during an eye emergency or should they go to an emergency room. An emergency room’s responsibility is to get a person stable enough to be admitted or for that patient to be able to make it to their doctors office. We are eye specialists and we always recommend going to an eye doctor for an eye condition. ERs are great for somethings but not so good for others.

Another question we get asked is if we can prescribe glasses during a medical eye exam, usually that is not recommended because the eye is sick, painful and swollen which will interfere with a vision exam. It is always better to wait until the eye issue is resolved before tackling the visual aspect.

BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is always accepting new patients and walk-ins are welcome. (918) 893-3769 for your local eye doctor in Broken Arrow, We look forward to serving your eyecare needs.