No Air Puff

At BA Eye Site we do a no air puff eye exam, but we do take your pressure with either a tonopen or using the Goldmann method. These tests are used to check a patient’s intraocular pressure or IOP.  This is an important component to the eye exam because it is mainly used to screen for glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a chronic disease like diabetes and hypertension, but it affects both eyes about 1.6 million people in the United States. Glaucoma causes slow, painless, progressive loss of vision. High IOP can damage the optic nerve resulting in vision loss. Many patients experience slow loss of peripheral vision don’t notice that it’s happening, and once that damage has occurred it cannot be undone. Due to the lack of noticeable symptoms, early detection through routine screenings is important, thereby, allows for early diagnosis and treatment before irreversible damage occurs. There are many types of glaucoma like pigmentary, normal tension, narrow angle, open angle, steroid induced and many others.  Open angle glaucoma is however the most common type.

Checking IOP is just one of the ways to screen for Glaucoma but done with a dilated exam where optic nerve can be evaluated, photographs of the optic nerves are made for future comparison, and a visual field test to determine the extent of any vision loss that has already occurred. The newest test out now is the Optical Coherence Tomography  (OCT) which can detect early changes to the retina indicating nerve damage before it actually starts to impact the vision allowing us to maintain more visual field earlier. We at BA Eye Site have this device and it is invaluable in the treatment and management of a glaucoma patient.

Normal or good IOP measures are between 10 and 22. Patients with high IOP, African American heritage or with a family history of Glaucoma, should be closely monitored as these tend to be high risk populations for developing glaucoma. Due to the damaging effects of Glaucoma, early detection and effective control of IOP through prescription drops or surgical means is vital to preserving vision. Soon we will be able to treat glaucoma with special contact lenses which will release medications while you are wearing them to reduce IOP. For more information on this subject, please read our post on 10 Facts To Know About Glaucoma.

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