The pollen is flying heavy through the air this season, so much so that on the local news the meteorologist was talking about pollen bursts and these clouds of pollen are actually so thick they are visible greenish-yellow clouds. Is it any wonder many of us are dealing with itchy eyes, stuffy-runny noses and allergy coughs in the Broken Arrow area.

Ocular Allergies or Allergic Conjunctivitis

The weather is nice and we want to be outside or at least have the windows open and letting in the fresh air. Along with that fresh air comes other things that may just set off an allergic reaction cascade. Allergic conjunctivitis can be troubling to deal with and often impairs vision and impacts productivity. If were to give in and give the eyes a good rub we end up only make matters worse, and that usually leads redness, increased itchiness and more rubbing with a greater reduction of acuity and comfort, plus possibly an eye infection.

This season, don’t suffer, call BA Eye Site and allow us to help mitigate your ocular allergy reaction. The oral medications we take to help alleviate our allergies are not as effective on ocular allergies or allergic conjunctivitis. We can help get your eyes under control and keep them there through this season. (918) 893-3769, give us a call today our staff is expecting your call today.

Dr. Matthew Ozment