Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Care in Broken Arrow

Get your booties in here!  Eye examinations need to be performed on children starting at the age of 6 months and have a full eye exam before the age of 3. Our practice has examination equipment specifically designed for the diagnosis and treatment of our smallest patients!

Beyond just the sense of seeing there are other major factors that play in vision and those are the processing and interpretation then acting on that information appropriately. Visual acuity is the basis where this gathering of information starts, thus a comprehensive refractive evaluation along with an ocular health assessment is the foundation of our process. Skills such as tracking of the eyes, focusing and depth and color vision are also tested to ensure proper alignment of the eyes and that the eyes are preforming optimally together.


Kids Tech

Our kids today are facing unprecedented visual challenges due to the ubiquity of digital devices.  Children today are experiencing digital eye strain and sleeping disorders due to more screen time and more exposure to high intensity blue light radiation emitted from these devices. We have the technology to combat this with specific materials and contacts, blue blocking coatings and digital lenses that will alleviate much of the strain our children are being exposed to in our tech driven society.


Lazy Eye

Concerned your child may have a “lazy eye”? The medical two cent word for lazy eye is amblyopia and there are several types of amblyopia.

  • An eye that turns in or pulls out is strabismic amblyopia. This type is often correctable with glasses, but is some cases it may require surgical intervention by moving ocular muscle insertion points. The earlier this is detected and corrected the better the future outcome will be for binocular fused vision.
  • An eye that is substantially weaker then than the other eye is refractive amblyopia, and early intervention often allows the eyes to work together.
  • An eye with a congenital cataract or some other blockage is deprivation amblyopia. This usually requires a surgical intervention to restore proper vision to that eye and the earlier the better.

Bottom line when dealing with amblyopia we want both eyes working together with fusion, and early intervention is key.


Color Vision

 We live in a world of color, yet some of us lack certain enzymes which allow us to distinguish colors. Color testing is important  because so much of our lives are color coded and if we are one of those with color deficiencies we must be able to realize this and create a back up system so we can navigate those color critical tasks. Think stop lights!

  • Tritanopia is the difficulty distinguishing between yellow/green and blue/green.
  • Protanopia is the difficulty distinguishing between blue/green and red/green
  • deuteranopia problem distinguishing between red/purple and green/purple
  • achromatopsia is col=complete color blindness where everything is in gray-scale.

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