Summer is usually a time of scorching heat and humidity, especially for us here in Broken Arrow and northeastern Oklahoma. We hide in the air conditioned indoors or escape the hotter days of summer splashing and playing in our swimming pools. Swimming is a great way to enjoy the summer. It allows you to get active and get out outside to make some vitamin D while staying cool, but pools and the chemicals used to keep them clean and swimmable have an adverse affects on your eyes.


Pools Can Affect Your Eyes


The pool is probably full of chlorine if it has been treated appropriately. Chlorine sanitizes your pool, but it also effects the tear layers of your eye. By the tear film being disrupted, it make the eyes dry and susceptible to infectious agents. This is one of the reasons your eyes and children’s eyes are red after swimming; this can lead to pink eye or other eye infections.

Preventing this and protecting your eyes while swimming is simple. Water-tight goggles go along way to protect the ocular surface of your eyes. We would be remiss not mention swimming in contact lenses is dangerous due to acanthamoeba. This can lead to a parasitic infection that is avoidable and visually debilitating. A simple Google image search on acanthamoeba should be enough to convince most people that swimming on contact lenses isn’t worth the potential effects.

Keep your eyes healthy while you splash and swim this summer, our eye doctor in Tulsa is dedicated to providing you with leading eye care that you need. Ensure your eye health by scheduling an appointment with our experienced optometrist today.

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