Pterygium, or bumps on the eye, are non-cancerous growths that begin in the conjunctiva and progressively grow on to the cornea affecting the vision. They are raised and contain visible blood vessels, and can arise on just one or both eyes.


Pterygium: Conjunctival Growth – Bump on the Eye


They appear like a mass of blood vessels and tissue growing across the eye and are invading the clear corneal tissue.  They can be large and aggressive or small and stable. A pterygium is similar to a callous and is caused by chronic irritation, dryness, and UV exposure.  It is common for construction workers and farmers to form these due to being outside all the time and the dusty environments they are exposed to. Sun and wind damage the conjunctiva resulting in thickened growth of tissue to help protect the eye.  Wearing sunglasses and utilizing artificial tears sometimes helps to stop the progression of the pterygium.  

The only real treatment is to prevent progression by:

  • Use of sunglasses or transitions with UV protection when outdoors or even in tanning booths.
  • Combat dryness with artificial tears like Systane or Refresh Optive.

Pterygia can be aggressive and grow rapidly over the cornea, and they will distort vision and inducing irregular astigmatism.  Our eye doctor Broken Arrow will evaluate and discuss surgical procedures used to remediate the condition. If the pterygium is impacting vision surgery will likely be recommended to reduce the pulling and distortion of the cornea.  The surgery to correct pterygium is delicate because we want to prevent scarring on the cornea. Pterygium may even grow back after removal.

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