Do red eyes and contact lenses mix well?  Hey, that’s a good common sense question, right. Invariably a younger patient calls, and they have had a red eye for a few days and they are starting to worry.  Our policy here at BA Eye Site is to try and get those kinds of patients on the same day that they call. So we tell them to come on in to the clinic.


Red Eyes & Contact Lenses


We want to know why the eye is red. As a doctor, we immediately start formulating a differential diagnosis list in our minds and based on the given information that list is pretty extensive from infection, inflammation and foreign body.  Without knowing the root of the problem it is hard to say whether it is okay to wear contact lenses or not.
It is always good to side on the side of caution and try not to wear the lenses and get in an optometrist as soon as possible.  It is also a good policy that if you are a contact lens wearer that you have in date prescription glasses that you may need if you are taken out of contacts while your eye is undergoing treatment.

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