Should you wear eyeglasses for an interview?  The adage you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression does not always hold up, but first impressions matter. Here is why you should use the “eyeglasses” strategy during interviews because any advantage is good when you are trying to land a position where there is a lot of competition.


Why Should You Wear Eyeglasses For An Interview?


Self-confidence: A new pair of glasses boosts our self-confidence with a new look. Eyeglasses can change your looks dramatically instantaneously.   Making direct eye contact with another person is critical if you want to make a positive impression. We communicate with actions and words and when we have a face to face meeting body language matters. If your self-confidence is elevated you are more likely to show this and maintain eye contact.

Studies show that eyeglasses leave the perception of intelligence and trustworthiness this occurs on almost a subconscious level.

Eyeglasses may leave an impression of reliability, professionalism, and creativity.  All of these traits are ones most frequently sought for in candidates for employment or admission into programs.

When choosing which pair of glasses to wear to an interview consider the goal and the type of interview and interviewers. Eyeglasses can be negative if they are too unusual, goofy, funky or nerdy.  Most of the time the glasses should not be a distraction but should compliment your look.

Eyeglasses should create a polished overall look and make you presentable.

Eyeglasses allow you to help create a positive first impression. Getting the position whether for employment education, you want is not as simple as putting on a power suit and glasses but it should be part of your overall strategy is a good idea.

Dr. Matthew Ozment
Optometrist, Broken Arrow OK
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