Thousands of children across the country begin school each year with undetected, uncorrected or under corrected vision problems. This leads to miss lessons which are inhibiting the academic success of these students. Vision Service Plan (VSP) has funded and sponsored their Sight for Students program, a charity to help low-income students receive the comprehensive eye exams and corrective lenses needed for success. Accounting for more than 700,000 children having access to eyecare services.

Sight for Students :: Vision Service Plan (VSP)

VSP - Sight For Students
A recent study cited that 66% of children under the age of six have never had an eye exam with an eye doctor. Another study noted that unchecked vision plays a role in limiting the ability of underprivileged youth to learn. If the student is complaining or having problems seeing and meets the Sight for Students guidelines, a voucher is given that provides for free eye exams and free glasses. A list of providers are usually either attached or a link will be given to the Sight for Students website and participating Optometrist listings are there.

Below is a list of eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant’s family income is no more than 200% of federal poverty guidelines
  • The child is 18 years old or younger
  • The child is not enrolled in Medicaid or other vision insurance
  • Child or parent is a U.S. citizen or documented immigrant with a social security number
  • The child has not used our program during the last 12 months

Sight for Students vouchers are managed through a varied network of community partners who work with children and families. These partners help identify children with vision problems and determine a child’s eligibility requirements. Children who receive a Sight for Students certificate will be evaluated and treated by the VSP network eye doctor of their choice. The VSP has a network of 25,000 eye doctors offering the best in eye care.

BA Eye Site in Tulsa and Broken Arrow has been honored to participate in this program, and we have witnessed just how beneficial this can be to the young lives. If your student is having trouble give us a call, (918)893-3769, and allow us to help.

Dr. Matthew Ozment
Optometrist, Broken Arrow OK
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