Chances are good you or one of your family members have suffered from styes before. They are painful and have a horrific appearance on the eyelid. If you have a red, sore to the touch, and swollen eyelid, then a stye is near the top of the list of culprits.

Styes – Those Painful Eye Lids

A stye or hordeolum is due to a bacterial infection of the oil glands found within the eyelid.  They are painful, red, and feels like a tender cyst within the eyelid structure.  They can at times develop a white head like a pimple, but often many styes form inside the eyelid and no head can develop.

What to do if you think you have a stye?

  • Heat – This can help the clogged gland open. I usually recommend a hot, clean washcloth as hot as you can tolerate without burning your eyelid.
  • Gentle massage – During the application of heat, a gentle massage can help break down and remove some infective particles.
  • If it doesn’t resolve within a day then you should call BA Eye Site and see our Broken Arrow Optometrist. When styes are painful is when they are most susceptible to treatment. If not promptly treated the cyst can wall off forming a hard nodule in the eyelid called Chalazions. Chalazions usually need to be injected with medication or excised. So it is best to start therapy early.

Treatment Options – Since styes are inside the eyelid and act like a pimple topical drops or ointments are not the best route of treatment. Oral antibiotic actually work much better typically Doxycycline, Minocycline, Augmentin or Keflex are the antibiotics of choice.  Our Broken Arrow eye doctor will review your medical history and medication allergies before determining the right oral antibiotic for your case. Eye drops or ointments may be added to treat both inside and outside.  It is very important to continue the hot massages, even after you start Dr. Ozment‘s treatment.  The heat is a key component to helping break down the stye faster.

Sometimes the infection can spread to other glands along the eyelid resulting in a condition called preseptal cellulitis.  This can be a concern because it is so painful you may be unable to even open the eye.  In this case you should immediately call our office at (918) 893-3769, or your eye doctor because there is always a possibility that it colife-threateningrbital cellulitis, a life threatening event, in which case hospitalization and IV medications will be required.

If you have a stye and have any of the following symptoms these are not normal and you should go straight to the ER.

  • fever
  • double vision
  • protrusion of the eye forward out of the socket
  • vision loss
  • severe pain with eye movement

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Dr. Matthew Ozment