As an optometrist in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, it’s only natural that we would see a number of clients with the same eye problems and complaints about their vision. Though we do see a rare issue on occasion, the fact is most people suffer from the same common vision and eye health problems as they are often age-related.

The Most Common Eye Issues Include:

Cataracts – Often considered an inevitable part of aging, almost all of us will experience the cloudy covering of our eye’s lenses. Cataracts form slowly, causing no pain. They can and do impair vision however, if they should become large and thick. Surgical removal of these cataracts is necessary.

Floaters – Almost all of us have experienced these tiny dots and specks in our eyesight, especially in bright sun or well-lit rooms. They are harmless for the most part however, unless accompanied by flashes of light. If you see an increase in the number of floaters with flashes, this could indicate a serious eye problem and a visit to the eye doctor is recommended.

Presbyopia – After the age of 40 the majority of us will require the use of reading glasses to overcome the loss of our ability to see things up close. It happens slowly over time and is considered a normal part of aging.

Conjunctivitis – Often referred to as pink eye, this eye tissue condition causes itching, redness, tearing and discharge as the tissue surrounding the eyes becomes irritated. Conjunctivitis can be caused by infection or allergies and occurs in people of all ages.

Dr. Matthew Ozment