VSP (Vision Service Plan) is a major player in the vision insurance market today.  BA Eye Site and Dr. Ozment are participating providers for all of VSP plans and their sight for students program helping those kids without any insurance who need glasses to make them effective learners. https://vspglobal.com/

VSP – Vision Service Plan

Most patients get this through their work but it can be purchased as an individual plan.  The VSP blog will likely give you more information on options.  https://newsroom.vspglobal.com/newsroom/news

It all comes down to math in the end. Vision insurance premiums which are deducted out of your check or your account plus your out of pocket cost are the eye Dr.  Also consider how often your plan allows you to use your benefits is it every twelve months or is it only every two years? Freedom of options in yet another item to think about does your eye doctor have to use only the lab specified by your insurance company or can he or she send it locally or even do it on-Site.

So, many people have these benefits that are annual but they never leverage those benefits getting exams and glasses every two to three years.  Insurance companies love these people because they make their bottom lines look really good.

BA Eye Site wants to make this process fast and easy taking away the old I don’t have time excuse. You have these benefits and are paying for them, let’s us them. An annual eye examination is important to help monitor your overall health in addition to improving and preserving your vision. We accept a wide range of vision insurances like VSP, Eyemed, OptumHealth, PVCS, Superior Vision, OHCA, SoonerCare, Medicaid, Oklahoma HealthCare Authority and comp benefits. Did you know a number of major medical insurance companies actually have vision coverage written in their plans?  Call our billing team and allow them to check your benefits and give you an overview of your coverage and benefits.

Dr. Matthew Ozment
Optometrist, Broken Arrow OK