Since most people will experience the discomfort and pain of a stye at least once or twice during their lifetime, it’s important to know when a stye is serious enough to see your eye doctor in Broken Arrow for treatment.

When Is It Time To See An Eye Doctor About A Stye?

A stye, also medically referred to as a hordeolum, is usually found on the eyelid, either on the inside or outside, often closely located by the eyelashes. Styes are actually small abscesses and are usually caused by a staphylococcus bacterial eye infection.

Where most styes are external and are often gone within days, internal styes can present more of a health issue if it isn’t able to burst and drain. An internal stye, noticeable with the same red, painful swelling as an external stye can become more serious if the infection persists by creating a fluid-filled cyst. These nodules may need to be opened by an eye doctor and drained of its fluid.

Styes are often confused with chalazions. A chalazion is a firm, smooth, painless bump that is caused by duct blockage. Styes and chalazions are generally harmless in nature and occur in most people often more than once. You should seek advice from your eye doctor if you experience recurring styes, your vision is compromised, if the swelling persists for weeks or if you experience pain in your eye.

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Dr. Matthew Ozment