A common pesky condition that our patients have is concerning eyelid twitching. These spasms that cause our eyelids to flutter are common and can be treated either with behavioral modification or medication.


Why Does My Eyelid Twitch?


Let’s look at several of the triggers that bring on these spasms:

  • Stress: It is common during periods of emotional and psychological stress that these eyelid twitching really become active. While it is easier said than done reducing stress will usually help reduce these spasms.
  • Caffeine/Alcohol: Too much of either of these also exasperate myokymia/blepharospasm (the technical medical jargon). This is because they throw our electrolytes out of balance and staying well hydrated will go a long way to help curb this condition.
  • Fatigue: Think finals week in college or rapidly approaching deadlines at work, when we, “burn the midnight oil”. Basically get more rest -that’s right the doc orders a little R&R.
  • Vitamin B12: It is possible you may be running low; skip the caffeine and coffee and try 5-hour energy as it is high in B12. You can also get the sublingual (under the tongue) tablet or liquid drops due to the fact B12 doesn’t do so well in stomach acid.
  • Dry Eyes: Recommend a good lubrication drop throughout the day. Normally three to four times per day, consistency helps when combating dry eye.

When should you call your optometrist? If you have any of the following or the modifications mentioned above failed to help your eyelid twitch.

  • When your entire eyelid closes or droops
  • When other parts of your face are also twitching.
  • When there is pain or redness of the eye.

Dr. Matthew Ozment
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