Should an eye exam be part of your prenatal care schedule? We all realize and know that pregnancy brings big changes to a woman’s body and hormones, but did you know their eyes and eyesight are also affected.

Water retention, some pregnancy hormones, and increased blood circulation volume can cause small changes in the shape of her eye. Because the eyes are so sensitive, even tiny physical changes can result new vision or eye health problems.

Some of the changes your eyes and pregnancy may experience are:

1. Myopia
Some women during pregnancy become a bit more myopic, nearsighted, due to swelling of the eyeball.  The changes may require new eyewear or contact lenses. If this happens, just remember that it’s normal, and occasionally after the birth and breastfeeding the eye may return to there previous powers.

2. Contact Lenses
Another side-effect of pregnancy may impact contact lenses wear. Changes in the eye may make the lenses painful, dry and even reduce the visual acuity out of them. There may be a need a change in brands, prescription and may cause you to be unable to wear contacts for the remainder of your pregnancy.

3.  Glaucoma Medications
Most glaucoma medications may your pregnancy and lactation. If you are being treated glaucoma while pregnant, it’s imperative to discuss this with your OB or optometrist.

4. Retinal and Macula
Central Serious Choreoretinopathy is a build up of fluid in the macula effecting vision. This is usually found in men with type A personalities or working in a high stress environment, but it is actually fairly common in pregnant women. It occurs late in pregnancy and usually resolves within a few month after pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes usually doens’t cause much vision problems other then blurred vision, but women who develop gestational diabetes are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

Pregnancy can be an exciting part of life. Close monitoring by your OB is critical, but if you should experience vision or eye problems during pregnancy consult your optometrist. Let them know you are pregnant and how advance your pregnancy is, if there are any complications and your latest blood work. BA Eye Site would be happy to consult with you if you need eye or vision care services during your pregnancy. Your eyes and pregnancy are important.